Challenge Coins
Nothing complements a season shirt like a new coin.  Although coin making can be a lengthy process, we have found a lot of success in simply converting your existing tshirt artwork into a new coin.  That doesnt mean we cant create you something from the ground up either.  Choose one of the options below to get started today!
Option 1: Package Deal
If you're looking for a package deal (i.e. shirts and coins) then we suggest starting with our artwork request form and finalizing your apparel design first.  This will streamline the process for designing the coin and help you avoid any unnecessary art fees.  Once the artwork for the apparel is finalized, our design team can convert your new graphics into a format sutiable for your coin specifications.
Option 2: Pre-Existing Artwork
This is a great option if you already have artwork for a coin or if you are looking to utilize one of our designs.  You can simply send us your "vectorized" artwork and our design team willk plug it into  coin concept for your approval.  If there is an existing NavalTees design that you would like to use, you can just reference the URL of the existing product along with any format specifications.  Both of these methods can greatly reduce the cost of devloping your custom coins and help reduce the turnaround time for your project.  Simply choose this option from the Coin Request Form and one of our sales representatives will assist you in placing your order.
Option 3: Fully Customized Coin
If you are looking to build something from the ground up, we can provide fully customized artwork based entirely off your ideas.  Although this is the most lengthy process, it will ensure your design is one of a kind.  To start this process, complete the Coin Request From in full and our design team will reach back out to you with an estimate for artwork development and project timeline.